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About U. S. Steel

U. S. Steel is focused on profitable, sustainable steel solutions for people and planet. Our goal is to make U. S. Steel a stronger, more agile company.

Our USW-represented facilities are a key part of our footprint and U. S. Steel has continued to enhance the competitiveness of our USW-represented facilities, investing $5.3 billion over the past five years. 

With our industry-leading coating and finishing lines we are well equipped to provide customers with the most advanced steels – steels that are Made in America. 

U. S. Steel also continues to fight for securing and maintaining a level playing field on trade. Recently, the U. S. International Trade Commission voted to continue eight anti-dumping and countervailing (AD/CVD) duty orders on cold-rolled steel from five countries. This important victory reflects U. S. Steel's dedication to working with the federal government to maintain the competitiveness of our industry. 

Profitable Steel Solutions for People and Planet
A Sustainable Future

Teams at our USW-represented facilities are finding ways to optimize processes to offset carbon emissions. And we are intently exploring carbon-capture alternatives to potentially be used at our blast furnaces. We are also using research, innovation and collaborative relationships to make sure U. S. Steel is positioned to leverage technological advances in sustainability to make our integrated assets more carbon-friendly as the technology becomes available.

We are moving to a sustainable future in line with customer and government expectations. Our customers are on their own sustainability journeys, and they are asking the same of their suppliers. This is how we stay competitive in the industry. 


We are an industry leader in worker safety -- as evidenced by our record-setting performance in our Days Away from Work metric, which is currently at 0.03.

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Plant Updates
The Mon Valley Works

The Mon Valley Works is the Flat-Rolled segment’s low-cost facility. Mon Valley is executing planned cokemaking, steelmaking and cold mill upgrades and delivering on cost improvements to optimize performance.

We have invested almost $1B at Mon Valley Works over the last 5 years.

At the Clairton Plant, the primary focus has been environmental improvements and risk reduction projects.

  • 19/20 through walls, No1 And 2 Control room automation upgrade, Electrical infrastructure on first unit, Claus gas reroute.

For Edgar Thomson, the focus has been reliability.

  • 3 BF major repair and gas cleaning repair, 1 BF top and stove, SO2 compliance, BOP - hoods cooling towers, and gas cleaning, and Caster Mold level control and DCS

At Irvin and Fairless Works, the focus is modernization, reliability and efficiency.

  • Drives at HSM, Cold Mill, 84” Pickle Cranes and 64” Pickle Lines, Cold Mill shape upgrade, Fairless Hot Bridle and Oiler, Pickle Tanks, Paling Coil movers
Click here for a video about Mon Valley's 2022 Family Safety Day.
Gary Works

Gary Works, U. S. Steel's largest manufacturing plant, is situated on the south shore of Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana. Gary Works has the Flat-Rolled segment’s most capable hot strip mill, providing customers with advanced grades of steel -- made reliably and with exceptional quality.

We have invested $2.2B at Gary Works over the last 5 years
  • We’ve made substantial continued investment in blast furnace reliability.
  • We recently announced plans to build a new facility that will utilize blast furnace capacity to produce pig iron. Watch the project early construction here!
  • Other Investments Include HSM upgrades. Gary And Midwest “Can Do” Tin investments, a major investment in dynamic soft reduction at C-Line caster, and multiple other projects to improve reliability and customer quality.
Click here for a video about Gary's 2022 Family Safety Day.
Great Lakes Works

Great Lakes Works contains finishing facilities for steels that are used primarily by customers in the automotive industry. Great Lakes Works is leveraging its galvanizing capabilities to expand its customer reach and is optimizing its finishing lines to meet our customers’ needs.

We have invested $336.5M at Great Lakes Works over the last 5 years. Investments include:
  • CGL upgrades to produce a wider range of products more reliably, including galvanized for exposed applications
  • Environmental improvements including a new pickle scrubber and addition of second scrubber
  • Quality improvements such as Reverse Osmosis system for the quench tank, tandem mill cobble guards, pickle line edge monitoring, temper mill shape roll upgrade
  • Various smaller critical maintenance projects to sustain assets
Click here for more on Great Lakes Works' 2022 Family Safety Day.
Minnesota Ore

Minnesota Ore Operations is composed of two facilities: Keetac in Keewatin and Minntac in Mt. Iron. At these facilities, iron-bearing rock called taconite is mined and processed into iron ore pellets for use in steelmaking facilities. These facilities represent a key strategic advantage for U. S. Steel.

We have invested $623.3M at Minnesota Ore Operations over the last 5 years, focused on reliability and safety.
  • Reliability/Mine Expansion: Continued investment in critical mining equipment, electrical infrastructure, tailings facilities, and property acquisitions
  • Safety/Environmental: Crusher dust collectors, Keetac decant structure replacement, Dark River seeps collection systems
  • In addition, we recently announced plans to break ground in Fall 2022 at Keetac to construct a facility dedicated to producing DR-grade pellets. This will enable one of the company’s existing pelletizing plants to not only create DR-grade pellets but also maintain the optionality to continue producing blast furnace-grade pellets.
Click here for a video about Minnesota Ore's 2022 Family Safety Day.
Granite City Works

U. S. Steel signed a Non-Binding Letter of Intent with SunCoke Energy, Inc., a raw material processing and handling company, setting forth the preliminary terms for a potential arrangement under which SunCoke would acquire and operate the two blast furnaces at Granite City Works and build a 2 million ton granulated pig iron production facility.

U. S. Steel intends to supply the needed iron ore to be used to produce the pig iron.
  • We’re working towards ensuring the long-term strength of our company. As we continue to work with SunCoke on a potential agreement and then the subsequent transition, we will continue to provide updates to employees as quickly and as transparently as possible.
Click here for a video about Granite City’s 2022 Family Safety Day.

U. S. Steel’s Tubular operations covered under the current master CBA are Fairfield Tubular Steel Operations and Fairfield Tubular Operations. Capabilities at these facilities include steelmaking, finishing and a state-of-the-art mini mill that serves our tubular customers.

We have invested $554.9M at Fairfield over the last 5 years.
Key investments focused on quality and efficiency, including:
  • Building a state-of-the-art Electric Arc Furnace
  • Installing a self-sufficient Air Separation Unit, upgraded rounds caster, revitalized LMF, and investment in tank vacuum degasser
  • improvements to the center punch at Fairfield Tubular and Q&T profile straightness gauge at Fairfield