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This website provides factual information, updated from time-to-time, so that all interested U. S. Steel employees and stakeholders have an opportunity to stay connected to contract negotiations.

This website contains summaries of proposals made in connection with ongoing negotiations. Summaries may not include all specifics regarding a proposal, so please refer to the actual proposal for detailed information. This website will be updated periodically and when updated, it will include U. S. Steel's most recent proposal. Because proposals by both parties often change in the course of good-faith negotiations, please note the date of the most recent posting. Some of the details regarding a proposal may have changed based on a subsequent exchange of proposals and all information is subject to change. Nothing on this website creates, nor is intended to create, by its mere inclusion on this website, any binding offer, guarantee or contractual relationship. Proposals included on this website are for informational purposes only. No proposal, summary or any other information on this website includes all the potential financial or operational impacts to U. S. Steel.

All the information contained on this website previously was shared with the United Steelworkers during the course of negotiations, up to and including the date of the last update. For represented employees of U. S. Steel, the union is your representative and U. S. Steel respects and honors that role. As always, if you have questions you should feel free to contact your union representative.