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U. S. Steel 2022 CBA Negotiations

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Updated Proposal - 9/29/2022
Dear Represented Employees,

Today we submitted an updated proposal to the United Steelworkers (USW) for consideration.

This proposal provides strong wage growth, strong upside opportunity and strong downside protection for our employees. We know that the steel industry can be volatile. That is why our responsible compensation proposal of robust base wage increases, a guaranteed payable-now bonus, uncapped profit sharing, and inflation protection —combined with premium-free healthcare -- is designed to support and reward employees through business cycles.

A summary of key points is below, and we continue to encourage you to reach out to your USW-representative with any questions.

Here’s What’s Changed:
  • Our revised proposal includes an increase to the proposed base wage increases: a 4% base wage increase for the first year, 3% increases for years two and three, and a 4% increase in the fourth year. This provides certainty to employees of base wage increases of nearly 15% compounded over the term of the contract.
  • We revised our proposal to meet our employees’ need for consistency in healthcare but to also meet our needs to control costs. Instead of the High Performance Network, we are proposing a cap and recover plan that will keep healthcare costs at 2022 levels. If costs rise, we will work with the USW to offset the costs. This is similar to what the USW negotiated with other steel companies.
Here's What’s The Same: 
  • We’re offering a $4,000 Essential Worker Appreciation Bonus, payable upon ratification. This immediate and guaranteed cash in hand acknowledges the importance of our employees to our business and provides more money sooner.
  • You’re still protected from inflation through the Inflation Recognition Payment, which provides quarterly payments if inflation hits certain markers. Employees received, on average, more than $1,200 so far in 2022 under this program.
  • We’re providing maximum upside potential to our employees for higher earnings because our profit sharing plan isn’t capped at $11 per hour like Cleveland-Cliffs. For the third quarter, profit sharing is expected to be more than $20 per hour – which puts more cash in your pocket sooner.
Why It Matters:
U. S. Steel is not the company we were five years ago. We are stronger and more competitive – and that is good for everyone. We have been transforming our business model so that we can better withstand the cyclical market.

When we do well, you do well. Pay for performance is a critical foundation to successful business, and I am pleased that in 2021 and so far through 2022, profit sharing has put an average of $66,000 in the hands of our USW-represented employees.

I hope you review the summary I’ve provided, along with our rationale. Discuss any questions with your USW representative. We respect their role in the process.

We know these negotiations are important, but NOTHING is more important than your safety. Please continue to focus on working safely while we continue to work with the union toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

We appreciate you and your commitment to our customers. Thank you to the hardest working team in our industry!

-Dave Burritt, U. S. Steel President and CEO

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Company Proposal at a Glance

4-year term: September 1, 2022 through September 1, 2026
Last Updated: 09/29/2022

company proposal 0
$4,000 In Bonus Payments

$4K appreciation bonus

company proposal 1
When We Do Well, You Do Well

Un-capped profit sharing
Nearly 15%* guaranteed base wage increases over the life of the contract

company proposal 2

Eligible employees participate in SteelWorker Pension Trust or our fully funded pension plan

company proposal 3

Right to choose from high-quality benefits plans with no premiums that work best for you and your family

*Compounded total increase over 4-year contract

More updates, view our company proposal page

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U. S. Steel is hosting Family Safety Days for employees and their families this summer and early fall. Click here to see recaps of Family Safety Days at Mon Valley Works, Gary Works, Great Lakes Works, Granite City and Minnesota Ore.

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Negotiation Update - 09/27/2022
Negotiation Update - 09/27/2022

Dear Represented Employees -  We are committed to bargaining in good faith. Any suggestion otherwise is patently false. We want to reach a mutually-agreeable contract. But we need the USW to come to the table with us.The last time I wrote you...

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Extension - 09/27/2022
Collective Bargaining Agreement Extension - 09/27/2022

Dear Represented Employees - This afternoon, U. S. Steel and the United Steelworkers (USW) mutually agreed to extend the collective bargaining agreements that were scheduled to expire at 12:01 a.m. on September 1.Negotiations are ongoing, and...

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Investment in USW-Represented Facilities Continues To Be A Priority - 09/22/2022
Investment in USW-Represented Facilities Continues To Be A Priority - 09/22/2022

U. S. Steel spent $3.2 billion in capital spending since 2018 in USW-represented facilities – more than the $2.5 billion we committed to in the 2018 BLA. Our USW-represented facilities are a key part of our footprint and we have used...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to frequently asked questions about U. S. Steel's 2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

  • In June the local parties began the process by engaging in discussions regarding Local issues.  In July, U. S. Steel and the USW began the process to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.
  • Amid strong steel demand and recent record profit sharing, U. S. Steel continues to follow our mantra: when we do well, you do well.
  • Over the next month, the USW will negotiate the terms of the contract with U. S. Steel. Topics will likely include safety, wages, health care, benefits and retirement.
  • The current collective bargaining agreement ends on September 1, 2022.
  • Amid strong steel demand and recent record profit sharing, U. S. Steel continues to follow our mantra: when we do well, you do well.
  • We are focused on keeping the business healthy while making sure our workers are among the best paid in the industry.
  • We will continue to offer exceptional, top-quality benefits. 
  • Throughout the process, we will keep employees informed via the bargaining microsite and other communications channels, such as the X-app.

We Appriciate

We Appreciate You

We Appreciate You

This work could not be done without you. We are excited to have the most talented workers in the industry.